Ecological silk bedsheet for children
Ecological silk bedsheet for children

Our ecological silk bedsheet, silk duvet and pillow case for children are perfect for sensitive skin. You child will no more sneeze or caugh because of dust from the bedsheet. His or her skin will not be irritated with the bedding set any longer because silk has long filament and breatheble. Normal cotton fabric will be harder after it gets humidity and dry and after that it will produce hundred of short filament that create dust and irritate respiratory system and skin of your child.

If the fabric made from polyester or all kinds of poly- and viscose, it will absorb bacteria long and create smell. You need to wash it often and will end up with dust from fabric.

Use proper silk for your children's bedding is the best choice. The price for selling to ordinary customer for silk bedding for baby is 200 kr(34 USD). Anyway, you can order the size you desire. We do not put the lower minimum. And at the same time we can produce as much as you want!

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