Company Profile :

Sidenthai is a swedish company established since 2008 in Sweden. Our mission is let everyone has proper silk in reasonable price. We do silk cloths in ecological way and finished them by hands, no factory. Each piece of our work is unique. Eventhough it is the same pattern but in a details each work has its own unique.

The colour on each piece of our silk comes from parts of plants. We use Aroj berry and mushroom to create wonderful colours for example. The natural colours that we have got made in Sweden and Thailand. We use special technique to produce various pattern of colours on silk, in which is hard to imitate. Our staffs who wave each silk fabric have very much experience in silk weaving. Weaving factory can do a lot but not like our work.

Take a look at our shop online and feel free to contact us. We can produce as much as you want. We open for all size of businesses. We do not put minimum order. You can test us with some piece of our products, then we can keep contact and go on business.

Thank you very much for taking time with our company.

All best wishes,

Pauline Sturesson

Managing Director, SIDENTHAI